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Sarah Makhomet

Sarah Makhomet
Co-founder, President
Homes & Zones

Sarah is a distinguished entrepreneur and leader, revered for her dynamic contributions to the real estate and financial services industry.

As President and Co-founder of Homes & Zones, she embodies a commitment to excellence and compassion, shaping her career trajectory with resilience and purpose.

Hailing from Ukraine, Sarah's journey to North America at the age of 17 epitomizes her adventurous spirit and determination. Settling in Canada, she pursued higher education at York University, followed by prestigious studies at Harvard Business School, where she honed her acumen for strategic leadership and innovation.

With over 15 years of experience in the financial services sector, Sarah has solidified her reputation as a visionary within the industry. As a co-founder of Canada's largest independent mortgage brokerage, she pioneered groundbreaking approaches to lead and referral marketing, particularly within the real estate domain.

Her enduring relationships and profound insights continue to drive success for Homes & Zones, positioning the company as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the market.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sarah remains deeply connected to her roots, actively engaging in humanitarian initiatives to support her family and community in Ukraine.

As a devoted board member of the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) – Great Lakes Chapter, she champions diversity and inclusion, fostering environments where every voice is heard and valued.

Sarah's influence extends beyond boardrooms and business settings. She is a revered speaker, sharing her expertise and inspiring audiences with her compelling insights.

Committed to giving back, she dedicates her spare time to various community endeavors, embodying the spirit of service and leadership in all facets of her life.

Sarah Makhomet, a Toronto, Canada resident, epitomizes the essence of a modern Renaissance woman, seamlessly balancing her roles as a devoted mother, astute business leader, and avid learner. Alongside her son, Sarah finds joy in the vibrant culture and diverse offerings of Toronto, a city she proudly calls home.

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