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About Us

Welcome to Homes & Zones, where we've established ourselves as the premier network connecting businesses devoted to serving professionals, businesses and each business owner.

With our pioneering technology platform, we offer stakeholders unprecedented access to referrals, leads and deal flow via the Homes & Zones Community. Our state-of-the-art referral system ensures continual growth, opening doors to the vast potential of business networks.

Behind our thriving communities are dedicated real estate agents who lead a group of small businesses providing services to each other. This ensures that whenever one of our stakeholders requires services, a notification is sent directly to a participating business via email or text. Everything is organized and happens seamlessly through the Homes & Zones referral platform.


Participating small businesses not only gain access to a wide pool of potential customers but also become part of a community that actively champions and advocates for one another.

Think of Homes & Zones as more than just a network—it's an online Town Square specifically tailored for businesses serving the business community and their owners, all empowered by local real estate agents and state-of-the-art AI technology.

Join us today and unlock the full potential of your success within our thriving ecosystem.

Stephen Moranis

Stephen Moranis
Co-Founder, CEO

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sarah hirez_edited.png

Sarah Makhomet
Co-Founder, President

About Sarah - BIO

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