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Nexus Program

Recruit, Lead, Succeed -

Introducing the Homes & Zones Nexus Program for Ambitious Brokers

Are you a Broker eager to broaden your horizons and boost your earning potential? Look no further than our Nexus Program, tailor-made for Brokers like you who are primed to elevate their real estate journey to unlimited heights.

What exactly is the Homes & Zones Nexus Program? It’s your gateway to leadership and growth, providing you with a steady stream of experienced and newly-licensed agent recruits.

Homes & Zones Nexus Program

Our Commitment to Supporting Your Growth:

For those who are fully committed to newly-recruited real estate agents, we're prepared to go above and beyond:

You can receive a consistent influx of real estate agents eager to join your team, as well as a steady flow of leads specifically for those agents, making recruiting and retention straightforward and efficient.

Homes & Zones Training

Now, let's talk benefits.

With the Nexus Program, you'll enjoy:

  • Recruiting Support: Need a helping hand recruiting agents? We've got you covered with our recruiting support system, providing introductions to agents eager to join you and our Homes & Zones program.

  • Leads for Newly Recruited Agents: We ensure that the newly recruited agents will hit the ground running and improve their likelihood for success because of the on-going leads they'll receive from their Homes & Zones community.

  • The Homes & Zones Nexus program is the perfect fit for entrepreneurial-minded brokers who possess exceptional team-building skills and innate motivation.

  • As a Nexus member, you'll have the added advantage of a dedicated representative from Homes & Zones who is committed to ensuring your success.

  • There are no up-front costs associated with joining the program, enabling you to scale your growth based on outcomes rather than financial constraints.

  • Share Options for Retention: As you cultivate and expand your team, you'll increase your ownership stake in Homes & Zones, solidifying your place within our ever-growing organization. Share options are also provided to newly recruited agents as an incentive for staying with your brokerage. If an agent leaves, they forfeit their share options, thereby creating long-term loyalty and retention.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey with us?

Enroll in the Homes & Zones Nexus Program today and start building your dream team!

Jessica Zavitz
Program Director

Homes & Zones Nexus Program
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