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Get the information & Help you need. Reliable, Current.

Welcome to Homes and Zones, where we're leading a revolution in how communities access information and gain insights within their local areas, all powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Our AI-driven platform not only provides valuable information & neighborhood wisdom, but also fosters a culture of mutual support and prosperity among homeowners and neighborhood stakeholders.

We achieve this by facilitating connections between neighbors who are in need of quality real estate agents, small businesses, and those who can provide these services.

Behind our thriving communities are dedicated top real estate agents who lead a group of local businesses providing services to consumers and homeowners, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all community needs.

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

How It Works

When you join Homes & Zones, you become part of a network of business owners committed to assisting each other in finding trusted service providers for their home-related needs. Whether you're looking to buy or sell a home, renovate your property, or simply need assistance with a purchasing decision, our platform connects you with reputable businesses recommended by your neighborhood real estate agent.

Referral Rewards

But Homes & Zones goes beyond just facilitating connections. We believe in recognizing and rewarding those who contribute to the success of the community. That's why for every referral made, the referrer receives share options in Homes and Zones. These share options add up with each referral made, allowing stakeholders to benefit from the growth and success of our platform.

Join Us Today

Join us today and become part of a community that values collaboration, trust, and mutual support. Together, we can create stronger, more connected neighborhoods where everyone thrives.

Check out a Homes & Zones Community Here!

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